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Hi, I'm Nuno Potier

About me

Passionate about web techologies and content I'm always eagger for a deeper understanding of everything related with JavaScript, React, application development technologies, best practices and associated frameworks.

I'm mostly a self-thought developer, learned a lot from online tutorials, reading coding books, following influential people on Twitter, but mostly from bumping my head against the wall to figure out why something was not working as I thought it should.


My love for computers kind of started when I first found out I could overclock my Celeron CPU if I just replaced the fan. It was a quick step until I realized I would buy my next computer in parts and build it myself. It would be cheaper but most importantly way more fun to do so! This curiosity evolved into being able to run homebrew on my Wii and PS3, gain root and replace the OS of my Galaxy S1 Plus and so on.

The internet has always had the answers, I would just google how to do all this stuff and sure enough, someone had already made a blog or recorded a video on how to replace a broken button on a Sony PSP or for whatever I needed to do.


Fast forward into coding and Web development I kind of feel the same way. I just google my way to figure out things and keep building up my knowledge base. First contact I had with code was back in the year 2000 with ActionScript and the amazing Kirupa site/forum. Frame animation of vector graphics was great for my architecture presentations in college. Learned a lot there but it wasn't until 2015 that I really picked up coding again this time with Java because it was a course subject on the postgraduate degree I did but mostly because of CodingGame.

Shortly after I made the switch over to JavaScript and functional programming and this seems to work way better for me than OOP. I learned JQuery and really liked how it abstracted away and simplified common tasks like accessing and modifying dom elements, events and requests. Then I discovered React and with it came a hole bunch of other frameworks that build on top of it or that try to accomplish more or less the same functionally.

Regardless of the Javascript library, a solid knowledge of callbacks, async behaviour, pure functions and the existence of compile and build steps are all pretty much requirements to be a proficient Javascript developer.

And here I am today, still very eager to continue learning new things and keep on coding!